The Small Talk Method: Communication Skills To Win Friends, Talk To Anyone, and Always Know What To Say (Small Talk, Social Skills, Conversation Skills Book 3)

It can be, and it is! This light-hearted, fun, outside-of-the box method will get you excited to dive into small talk situations - whether it be to make new friends, advance your networking skills, or find a romantic partner. You will be taken on a fun-filled journey showing you how you can fit one of the most valuable skills - small talk - in your backpocket and can access it anywhere, anytime, and anyplace! 

How to Produce Music: The Ultimate Guide to Music Production (for the Beginner)

Only a minority of musicians know how to produce their own music. However, audio production is an invaluable skill, and you can save money and make money by learning it. Producing is not easy, and will take practice but, if you stick to the method outlined in this book, you will get the hang of it. 

From Surviving to Thriving: Recovery Guide for Survivors of Abuse

From Surviving to Thriving: 
A guide to overcoming rape, is a look into what constitutes sexual assault, what resources are available and tools and techniques for going from someone who merely survived a sexual assault, to a person thriving in life. The tips and techniques included in this book will help the victim on the road to recovery and those who help victims be a better support. This book is not just for survivors. Friends, family and human services professionals will find this book helpful in working with victims. From Surviving to Thriving gives hope to victims that they, too, will be able to thrive.

HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks was a black woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Her cervical cells were taken and grown in culture by a scientist called George Otto Gey. He called it “HeLa” using the first two letters of the first and last names. It grew like no other cells. He sent the cells to scientists around the world and it became the most widely used cell line in the world. It was the first human immortal cell line.

HeLa cells have helped in many medical discoveries including the polio vaccination and currently spearing heading research in AIDS. Her cells were grown commercially and companies made lots of money from her cells without Henrietta’s or her family’s consent. Sadly, the Lacks families had no clue about the existence of her cells till a few years ago. They are so poor that they can’t even afford health insurance. Read more about this amazing cell line and the black woman called Henrietta Lacks who may have died but her cells remain immortal to this day in the new ebook HeLa Cells of Henrietta Lacks.

poets are not useful

Gwyndyn Alexander is a feminist poet from New Orleans. This book spans twenty years, detailing her abusive childhood, her recovery, her love for New Orleans, and the triumph of a broken soul healing and finding her voice.
This book is also for all of those who survived and transcended abuse, and all of those who fight tirelessly to end abuse and protect the rights of children. In honor of those fighters, ten percent of the proceeds of the book will go to Protect.

Oriana by Vera Kasa

Tristan disobeys King Lothatr’s order and so gains the magic skill to understand the language of all creatures. As the skill was intended for the king only, Tristan is going to pay for it with his life unless he finds the girl his king wishes to marry, the elusive, golden-hair Oriana. And so the wild chase begins…
Accompanied by his horse, Pasha and dog, Max, Tristan embarks on a dangerous and life-changing journey. Armed with his old battered sword, courage and the newly acquired skill, Tristan will face some difficult situations. Crossing valleys, rivers and mountains, he meets friends and foes and fights strange and dangerous creatures that jump out of every page. This non-stop adventure gets better and more gripping the further you get into the story. With a great cast of unusual characters and constant struggle against the omnipresent evil, this is a fantasy adventure that everybody will love – a story for all ages.

Stretched Stories 2 by P.S. Winn

"Stretched Stories 2" is the second in a series of short tall tales. The silly explanations bring a smile and a chuckle or two. Great for kids and those who are kids at heart.
Review By Bella:
This is another brilliant set of stories by P.S. Winn. These are assorted stories for young children of reading age. The stories are well written and meaningful designed for children to think. There is some interesting fun facts about animals which is excellent addition to the collection which I thought was quite funny.
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