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Marry Her Anyway

Kate and Brody met on a blind date. They're not hideous, just grew tired of the bar scene. After a whirlwind few months of dating, Brody asks Kate to marry him during a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game. Well, he didn't exactly ask...he was hit by an errant hockey puck as he was about to ask. Not exactly how he'd planned, it's just the way it worked out. On their way to visit Kate's parents for the first time, she recalls a family tradition. She tells Brody he must ask her father for permission to get married. A family tradition her father takes very seriously. 

            Brody doesn't share enthusiasm for the custom, but agrees to do it for Kate. When Kate's father Walt refuses his request, Brody is stunned and forced to examine why. The way Brody sees it, he can try to change Walt's mind. If that should fail, he can ignore him and his ritual, and marry Kate anyway. 

Tiptoe Through Genesis: A Unique Adaptation

Discover why Genesis, the first and most revolutionary book in history, is timelier than ever in this unique adaptation. By carefully condensing repetitions of text and details like lineage, the author uniquely tiptoes through the original verses of Genesis and brings out their timeless poetry and power. In its pages you will feel the flow of Creation and meet anew Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. You will really experience Noah and the flood and, as if for the first time, you will meet Abraham and Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael, and Isaac. You will see in a new light the lives of Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah, and Joseph and his brothers. The book has a simple and lightweight design, using a page-a-day approach that pairs the original text with two questions to spark curiosity and create conversation. This light and easy adaptation of Genesis makes it uniquely accessible and understandable for pre-teen, teen and adult readers. This book is great for people of all religions and backgrounds and a very practical guide for individuals, groups, and educators.
Tiptoe Through Genesis: A Unique Adaptation

Ask About Our Used Blow-Up Dolls: Short Stories

Ask About Our Used Blow-Up Dolls is a book of funny and bizarre short stories where nothing is ever conventional. You'll meet characters such as Roxo, a woman who dances to lose a massive amount of weight in the story Molly slash Roxo and The Marathon. You'll meet the eccentric Mr. Joe Bangles, a photographer that takes pictures with his hands in the story They’re Posable! You'll even witness an ultra-modern societal trial for a mentally ill captive with the moniker of "The Elusive Tallulah Rocca" in the story The Akhmatovain Doctrine. If you were to take a dash of absurdity, a smidgen of grotesqueness, a morsel of silliness, a dollop of hilarity, a pinch of madness, and a touch of humanity... then you'd be left with Ask About Our Used Blow-Up Dolls.

My Travel Diary: Travel Diary and Journal: (Travel Diary for Kids)

If you taking your kids on holiday then you can give them a travel diary. Sometimes kids forget that they went on holiday but if they were to write about their experiences then their holiday will have a longer lasting effect.

There are many things to do in this travel diary for kids. Some of the things include:

preparing and planning
thinking about safety, food, what they will do etc
writing their experiences down
drawing and pasting pictures
taking quizzes
reading fun travel facts
and so on

This diary is designed for kids so that they can take it on their holiday and use it to write their experiences in the pre-filled questions and do the activities provided.

My Travel Diary: Travel Diary and Journal: (Travel Diary for Kids)

Manifesting for Destiny

Nicholas Nichols has a problem. Sometimes, he wakes up in the morning to find animals in his room. Extinct animals. A pretty, environmentally conscious reporter comes over to interview him, thinking it all to be an elaborate hoax. When she is greeted at the door by what is, apparently, a baby Woolly Mammoth, she is shocked. When she looks into the eyes of Nicholas, she is doubly shocked. Is the man of her dreams manifesting lost animals from his dreams? She decides to spend the night and find out....

Reflections: a book for all those seeking peace in a frantic world

In this unique and stunningly beautiful colouring book, designed for adults to enjoy, Tracy Badau alternates colouring illustrations with personal-development exercises based on all that she has learnt over the last 12 years: mindfulness, meditation, de-stress techniques, visualisation, positive thinking and self-belief. In fact, this book summarises the skills and knowledge acquired on her often painful but inspiring journey to self-realisation.

Reflections is not like any other colouring book. Besides engaging focus in beautiful, well detailed illustrations, it helps us to reflect on how daily stress can be harmful to our mental and physical health. I think that one of the most valuable messages it gives is that, through the exercises and colouring, we can learn techniques to help us alleviate the negative thinking and stress in our lives. 

Path to Peace: A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One

Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One, chronicles one daughter's journey of finding peace after the devastating loss of her father. In the midst of grieving, Angie Ransome-Jones was suddenly faced with laying her father to rest, settling his financial affairs and reconciling her unresolved feelings over the loss of her mother. After learning what she refers to as "the process," it's now her mission to share practical steps to picking up the pieces and finding peace, after the loss of a loved one. In this book, Angie provides a comprehensive guide that yields advice from an attorney, financial advisor and grief counselor. Path to Peace is one daughter's story of reclaiming her life, realizing her purpose, and finding inner peace along the way.