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Love, No Matter What!

The book "Love, No Matter What!" authored by Komal Ahuja is an interesting peep into the world of transgenders. It is a book with a purpose. Whether your child is blind, deaf, dumb, acoustic or an intersex, as parents we cannot stop loving the child.

Naina and Manish are waiting for their second child as excitedly as Khushi waits for her sibling. Their life takes an unexpected turn when Naina gives birth to an intersex child. Everyone will ask if it is a boy or a girl. What are we supposed to say? Manish doesn't know how to handle the situation, and his family worries more for the world than the child who Naina names Devi. Naina fears that the family might not accept Devi, forcing her into leading a frugal life, dancing on the streets for earning a livelihood.
Will Naina be able to fight the world and give her child the life she truly deserves? Devi also has a Dad she adores. Is Naveen really her dad or is there something more to this beautiful relationship? Love, No Matter What! is set in Rajasthan, and gives you a peep into the world of the trans genders and the intersex. It makes us wonder: Are they different from us, or are they just as human as we are? Discover as you read how love prevailed when all else failed.

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Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration (Volume 1)

Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration (Volume 1)

Take Me With You is not your average book of quotes. This original collection of quotes was composed to be thought provoking and bring change in your life. Unlike similar quote books that focus solely on emotion, Take Me With You provides an insight into real everyday life experiences. The purpose of this book is to move and inspire you into a new chapter of your life.

Cells For Kids

Do you want to teach your children about cells from an early age? If yes, then here's a book you will like. It's called "Cells for Kids". It's a simple book that talks about the various types of cells, cell division, what the cell is all about, what they are etc. This is an excellent primer for your kids to get to know about these building blocks of all living things -the cell.

Cells For Kids (Science Book For Children)

Cells are the building blocks of all living things. They are called “cells” because Robert Hooke, the person who discovered the cells when looking under the microscope thought that it looked like the “empty rooms” of a monastery where monks used to sleep in. 

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Psychopaths in Our Lives: My Interviews

 Psychopaths in Our Lives contains actual interviews with three “normal’ psychopaths. We think of serial killers when we hear the word psychopath, but the vast majority are not in prison, but walking among us. Lacking a conscience, they leave a path of destruction and despair as they pass through.

You will read in their own words how they approach relationships, how they manipulate their partners, and what they think about themselves and others. Which one is your psychopath? The lover who broke your heart? The friend who stole your husband? The neighbor who poisoned your dog? The arrogant boss that flaunts his power? Read their words; hear the narcissism and callous indifference. Be prepared before you allow a psychopath to destroy your life.

14 Reasons Why I Love Savusavu Fiji

Have you visited Fiji's tropical paradise? Ryan Biddulph shouts out the tiny, sleepy little town in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

He shares 14 reasons why he loves Savusavu, Fiji and why you need to visit the place too. 

If you are on the fence about a trip to Melanesia or if you haven't yet added Fiji to your bucket list this may be the read that inspires you to book your trip to Savusavu, today. 

After living in Savusavu for 4 months in 2014 Ryan developed a love affair with this quiet, gorgeous, pristine, peaceful little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From the stunning, picture perfect scenery to the jolly, relaxed local residents Ryan explains in detail why you may love the community that Fijians have dubbed "the hidden paradise of Fiji." 

The Scene: Savusavu is a beach community nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Savusavu Bay. The community is an eclectic mix of indigenous Fijians, Fijian born Indians, ex-pats and tourists who make their way through to enjoy the famous hot springs and pearl harvesting trips popular in the area. Toss in sailors who make Savusavu Bay their port of calls and you have a rich mix of people who add a unique flavor to this already colorful island crew. 

Christmas Kisses and Cookies: A Fabulously Feel Good Christmas Romance

“A sweet, funny, heartwarming, and delightful read! I laughed so hard my husband kept asking me what I was reading. The inhabitants of Kissing Bridge are so adorable. This is exactly what I was looking for in a Christmas book! I wish I could give it 10 stars!”

S.Stevens - Kindle Good Books

“Within a matter of pages I was laughing my socks off and immediately fell in love with the slightly crazy Summer … Linda West has such a knack for the humorous side of characters … Her writing style is so upbeat and unique I hope to see more of these characters I’ve come to love - can’t wait to see what happens next in this sweet town of Kissing Bridge!” M. Sinclair

This is a hilarious light hearted and charming romance about a delightfully funny family and their determination to win the prestigious Christmas cookie competition against all odds. It's sure to bring a smile to your face and uplift your heart and make it a truly magical blue ribbon Christmas! Los Angeles super model, Summer Landers, finds herself stuck going home for Christmas after ten years of avoiding the heartbreak she left there. After a snowstorm hits closing most of the airports, she is forced to fly back to Christmas-obsessed Kissing Bridge Mountain where people take their holidays, and cookies seriously. Upon arrival Summer finds her family legacy in shambles. Despite the Landers winning the blue ribbon every year for decades at the Christmas Fair Cookie Competition, somehow they had been unthroned by their neighbor Mrs. Beaverton! The Landers women, with their family curse and strange and unique talents, now must struggle to find a way to best their competition who has secretly employed the help of the Evil-Martha Stewart. Besides dealing with the crazy antics of the town people,Summer must also avoid her ex boyfriend Brad, who has returned home for the Christmas holidays as well. Now she is confronted with her feelings and the truth about that fateful night under the mistletoe so long ago.. Mistletoe kisses and cookies are too much to deal with, and try as she might it looks like Summer is destined to relive the worst nightmare of her life. Luckily, Christmas brings miracles and Kissing Bridge is full of them so anything can happen...

Christmas Romance

This is a recent newly edited edition.

Look for the follow up to this book - "Holiday Kisses and Valentine Wishes" where the fun on Kissing Bridge Mountain continues!

A charmingly funny and delightful Christmas romance book that is good for the whole family. "The perfect feel good book when you want to lift your spirits! It made me laugh the whole way through. Thank you for the true holiday cheer!" S. Cages