100 Life Strategies: Pristine Pieces of Wisdom for a Modern Life that Brings Happiness and Fulfilment

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Do you struggle to keep different aspects of your life on track? Looking for the answers and solutions on how to be happy, healthy, conscious, loving and good? You are not alone, these questions are cruising through the whole course of humanity, through the life of every single person. All the solutions have been revealed long ago, and are you the one who is ready to take an action in applying them?


In 100 Life Strategies by Elena Lori, you will dwell into the quotes of famous thinkers of all times, such as Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, as well as modern ones such as Louise Hay and Nikola Tesla and get a pure easily digestible idea of what they meant and how you can apply their knowledge today in your life. It provides you with the most powerful and effective habits that will teach you exactly how to be that happiness, love and intelligence that you are looking for by learning how to handle your thoughts, emotions and actions. Learn How to Develop Routines That are Both Inspiring and Doable. Everlasting Life Strategies contains how to: •Feel more energized and better throughout your day •Adopt a health preserving and fulfilling lifestyle •Overcome boredom and depression fatigue •Ease your mind by processing events of your life •Analyse the reasons and consequences of life situations What else will you get: •Find the solution to “To BE or Not To BE” • Understand the effect of a simple smile • Find the keys to freedom and detachment • Dig into divine matters •Step-by-step exercises in each chapter