A Self Help Book For Black Teens Transitioning To Being A Man: Pull Your Pants Up

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Inspiring Youth To Build Self Confidence!

WCIU says of Pull Your Pants Up, “Amazing! Absolutely Amazing!”

There are many young men moving through life aimlessly without direction or a sense of guidance. They are unsure of the steps to take to improve their lives.

This book takes you step by step through the most important elements of transitioning to manhood. It will benefit the young man who may not be fully aware of the steps needed in
planning a good life. It will be equally beneficial to the young adult who has wandered away from a life of decency and good judgments.


  • How to dream and obtain the life you want! 
  • How to set goals and achieve them!
  • How self esteem is important to your success!
  • And much more!

Pull Your Pants Up is a simply written, easy-to-understand inspirational self-help book for minority youth and young adults.

“This book you are holding in your hand is designed to be one piece of the lifelong process/puzzle called “Self Improvement.’ – Malik Yoba (excerpt from Foreword)

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