Anger Management: How to Control Anger, Develop Self-Control and Ultimately Maste (Self-Help, Anger Management, Stress, Emotions, Anxiety)

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Master Your Emotions and Take Control of Anger Once and For All! During the course of your lifetime, everything that you do and every reaction you have to life is recorded by the subconscious. The only thing that it has very little to do with is your emotions. Your conscious mind is capable of throwing your life into chaos because this is that part of the mind that deals with how you respond to people. However, even though the subconscious mind doesn’t control emotions, it does record how you react to different stimuli and it’s that recording that is significant. Think of it this way. If you have shown in the past that you respond to a certain kind of stimuli with anger, every time that stimuli presents itself, you get angry. Thus, if your subconscious mind records that crying makes you mad, you are likely to strike out when you hear someone crying. If you get mad after you drink, then the subconscious mind will respond to drink with anger. If you get mad when you are challenged by another human being – either verbally or physically – then the anger will kick in. Does that mean you don’t have any control over your response? Well, in a way you do because what goes into the subconscious can be reprogrammed with better responses that are less harmful. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to do that, so I have covered the subject fully in this book. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Find… How the mind works Finding your triggers Mindful response Assertion Master your emotions Much, much more…