Buddhism: A Beginners Guide Book For True Self Discovery and Living A Balanced and Peaceful Life: Learn To Live in The Now and Find Peace From Within … / Buddhist Books By Sam Siv) (Volume 1)

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Find out all about mysterious Buddhism, its origins, its secrets and its answers to the challenges of modern life.

This book contains a basic overview of Buddhism, including the life of Buddha, and the various kinds of Buddhism that have developed. It takes a look at all the key concepts and most important teachings, methods and insights in a way that is easy to understand. Filled with a wealth of common-sense and other-worldly wisdom, the path to enlightenment is considered. Learn about meditation, mindfulness, happiness, Samadhi, Nirvana and all the other important concepts that have helped shape our understanding of reality. Find out about Zen Buddhism, and study all the basic elements that make the Buddha Dharma so compelling to people of all walks of life.

What You’ll Learn…

  • Learn about Siddartha Guatama, who became the Buddha
  • Find out about different Buddhist schools
  • Understand Meditation, mindfulness and awareness
  • Learn about relaxing and letting go, and its benefits
  • Find out what Samadhi is all about
  • Find out about Karma, whether good or bad.
  • Discover the teachings about reincarnation
  • Learn about impermanence, and how that affects you
  • Consider the status of women in Buddhism
  • Find out what Buddhism means in practical life
  • Discover the wisdom latent inside you
  • Learn to let go of anger and frustration
  • Learn how all things are connected, including you
  • Discover new mental possibilities
  • Find your own path to enlightenment
  • Much, much more!

Make use of this book today to educate yourself about one of the most popular ideas in history – transcending the mundane and discovering the ultimate. Get to know Buddhism intimately, and understand why it has had such a powerful effect on the world.

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