Format and Function – Tips on How to Write a Sales Letter

At one time during your marketing career, you may have been tasked to write a sales letter. You might have thought it unnecessary, even useless. After all, a little email will usually do the trick in convincing potential buyers to get your goods, right? And if you can’t write to them, you can always run over to their houses and offices, bring in the oh-so-presentable you, and blab away about why your service is the best in the West, right?

Sadly, letter writing is never out of fashion, and your instinct are just plain wrong. You will need to write a sales letter to get to ask many people as possible. You will need to write a sales letter to get that housewife to buy your set of plastic cutlery, or that football coach to buy custom-made towels for his team, or that CEO to grab that hotel membership to his favorite five-star resort. Respect and formality are still in.

A good sales letter needs to be terse, brief, succinct, but full of information about the product or service that you are selling. Many good sales letters take no more than a page or a page and a half to tell their story: within the first few words, they grab the reader; in the next few paragraphs, they can convince the most miserly recipients to shell out cash for a product or service. A good sales letter is also eager without being overbearing, and respectful without being stiff.

A good sales letter is admittedly, very difficult to write. It can be hard to tone down a hard selling tune, but likewise hard to keep oneself from being boring. If you are tasked to write a sales letter, you might want to take note of the following tips as you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

– Format is important. As with any other letter, a sales letter begins with the name and address of the sender, then the name and address of the recipient. After a formal address, the letter has a body, which contains, in order, an opening salutation, creation of a need, a sales pitch, information on how the product or service can be purchased, and a closing salutation. The letter is then signed by the sender.

Follow this format, as it can give your recipients an easier time understanding the letter and your goals. An organized letter, moreover, speaks well about your own sense of organization, and even the integrity of your company.

– Always start on a personal note, and avoid using the generic address “To whom it may concern,” or “To Mr. or Ms.” but without a name. Your potential buyers need to know that you care about them, and this knowledge begins by recognizing that you addressed them by name. In sales letter-writing, small details are key.

– Make your pitch in two hundred words or less. If you make a short pitch, you may appear as though you do not believe in your product. If you make a very long one, you might not be believable at all. Strike the balance with a medium-sized pitch that resonates with readers. Remember, you have to create a need for your product or service first before you can begin selling it.

– Do not compare your product or service with those of other companies’. This can be tempting, especially when a free market encourages stiff competition amongst competitors with like products and services. However, this can also speak ill of your company, especially if you do not have a name yet. Make your product’s or service’s qualities speak for themselves.

– Watch your grammar and spelling! Nothing can turn off readers more than a poorly constructed, badly written letter. If you cannot take care of your own writing style, you might not appear qualified to take care of potential buyers either. Always have a book of style next to you when you compose the letter. If you have time, show the sales letter to your writer or editor friends. They can give you tips on how to improve your writing, and you can practice your sales pitches on them as well!

– Sign the letter personally. A personal touch always makes you look good, and can soften your potential buyers’ hearts toward you.

If you want to write a sales letter, then you need to practice often, and believe in your product or service. As in any letter, or any product of the written word, passion shows clearly.

Source by Mario D. Churchill

90th Birthday Party Ideas – 9 Tips For Planning a Birthday Celebration For a Ninety Year Old

Is a special loved one getting ready to celebrate their 90th birthday? Well, that’s a great reason to have a party! Here are nine tips to help you plan for this milestone occasion.

1. The best party consultant for this event is the guest of honor. Include the birthday guy or girl in all the planning. Get his or her input on the location, menu (including dietary restrictions), guests, decorations, favors and music. Listen to their preferences and build the day around their choices. Make it truly all about them.

2. Have the birthday party during the day. Some of the guest of honor’s friends and older relatives may not like to drive when it’s dark. They may not want to eat after a certain time or go to bed too late. Even if the celebrant is full of energy, his or her friends may not want to dance until dawn. If you schedule the party for the afternoon, then everyone will be in top form.

3. Include the time the party will end on the invitations. This is also a consideration for older guests, many of whom take prescription medications. If they see that the celebration will be from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., they will automatically know whether they should plan to bring pills, or can wait until they get home to take their medicine.

4. Find out if the birthday party location is handicapped accessible. Some of the guest of honor’s older friends and relatives may have trouble getting around. A few may be confined to wheelchairs or need the help of walkers. It will make it easier for them, if you select a place that can accommodate their needs.

5. Create a tribute to the guest of honor with photos. Start by sending photo party invitations that include a baby picture and a current snapshot of the celebrant. Then decorate your party location with poster size enlargements of the honoree in different stages of his or her life. Add grouped framed photographs for centerpieces. Finish off the day with photo birthday favors as a memento to thank the guests for sharing this milestone occasion.

6. Consider putting together a slide show, PowerPoint presentation or DVD of photos and video as entertainment to show at the party. If you don’t know how to tackle this project, then it’s time to get the grandchildren (or great grandchildren) involved. It doesn’t have to be a big production, with Hollywood style special effects. A simple succession of pictures in chronological order will tell the touching story of the guest of honor’s life.

7. Encourage the guests to share memories of the honoree. You can ask them to get up at the party and talk about the celebrant. Or you can request that they write down those thoughts, which you can then include in a memory book you’re creating. Or you might do both. A 90th birthday celebration is a great opportunity for all those people to let the guest of honor know just how much he or she means to them.

8. Inspire reminiscing. Music stirs up deep memories, so play CDs that feature songs the guest of honor loved in his or her youth. Use decorations that showcase pictures and symbols from the past ninety years. Choose birthday party favors that include prices, events and other trivia from the year he or she was born. Create an atmosphere that will encourage everyone to look back to the past and spark conversations about the good old days.

9. Arrange for little surprises. While an entire surprise party is usually not the best idea for a 90th birthday celebration, you can still add creative, unexpected touches. Try to track down an old friend, co-worker or neighbor that the celebrant hasn’t seen in ages and invite them to the event. Decorate everything from the cake to the centerpieces with elements that reflect the guest of honor’s interests, hobbies or personality. Have everyone chip in to buy the 90 year old a gift they would never dream of purchasing on a fixed income.

A 90th birthday is a event that should be celebrated. It is milestone of a long life filled with memories of friends and family. Give that special person a party to remember. It will mean so much to the guest of honor and touch the hearts of all who share that day.

Source by Linda Kling

Tips – Make Reading in Bed More Pleasurable – Bed Rest Pillow and More

I like to read in bed. It is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it is often interrupted by sliding or malformed pillows and backaches. Reading in bed, or watching TV, should be about to book not about battling your pillows and enduring discomfort. There are simple effective solutions to practically every possible bed comfort challenge. They include things such as a bed rest pillow, back support pillow, lumbar support pillow, neck support pillow or a reading pillow.

I had one particularly bad evening reading in bed. Just as I would get into my book a pillow would slip. I kept reading, ignoring the inconvenience until something else would slide out of place. After a while I became so uncomfortable I had to stand up and reset all the pillows. I was very annoyed by having to leave my story. At the end of the evening I vowed I would find a better way to read in bed. Here are solutions I found and that have all but eliminated the issues I was having. They will dramatically improve your reading experience as well.

* Bed Rest Pillow – This is a firm back support pillow that props you up in an ideal reading position. It has arm rests to support your upper body and arms. It does a great job of keeping you upright and reading. I often add a pillow behind my head to add some support, but I am pretty tall.

* Bed Lounge Pillow – This adjustable pillow looks similar to the bed rest pillow, but is much more ergonomically correct. It can be adjusted in several ways to provide you with customized support. It allows you to sit upright or lean back in a lounge position. It is more versatile than the bedrest pillow therefore it is more expensive. It is certainly worth the extra expense.

* Lumbar Support Pillow – This is a small pillow in the shape of a cylinder or half cylinder. It is placed in the small of the back to keep the lumbar in the proper position. Even with all the support given by a proper reading pillow, a lumbar pillow adds further support to the back improving your chances of having an enjoyable reading session. I use mine in many different situations where my back needs a little more support.

* Reading Pillow – This is a pillow that has two distinct connected sections for added flexibility and support. The top is a regular pillow and the bottom is thicker with more support. Your back is nicely supported. It can be used in a few different ways; you can sit straight up, lay back like a lounge or lay all the way down giving you more neck and upper back support. Unlike the bed rest pillow and the bed lounge, the reading pillow can also be used comfortably for sleeping.

* Reading Light – A reading light is very important to an enjoyable reading experience. When light comes from above or behind the book, the light hitting your eyes causes the pupils to contract. The smaller pupils make the book more difficult to see; this causes extra eye strain. A light placed behind the reader removes all of these issues and make the works jump off the page. You can enjoy and longer reading session without straining your eyes.

* Leg Wedge or Leg Lounge – Another way to remove stress and pressure from the lower back while reading in bed is to place a pillow under the knees. Regular pillows generally are not firm enough to do the trick; they compress losing their effectiveness. That is where a leg wedge, leg lounge or leg roll come in to play. They are firm and will not lose their shape during the reading session.

I hope that by sharing this information you will be able to solve the difficulties you are experiencing while reading. With just a little effort you will transform your reading time from enjoyable to truly pleasurable.

Source by Morgan P. Evans

Camping 101 – 8 Tent Camping Tips For Beginners

I love to be outdoors and relish being surrounded by nature. When I rest my head on the floor of my tent, I feel safe and peaceful. When I see a deer, a snake or a bear, I feel joy and connection. Not everyone shares my comfort level. Last summer I took a good friend camping. She had never been camping before. While I’m the type of gal who mows her own yard, uses power tools regularly, and could probably fix my car in an emergency, my friend Carol lives in a condo, has her nails and hair done twice a month and typically has some macho guy in her life. I was shocked when Carol asked to go camping with me, but welcomed her company. Our trip went surprisingly well and here are a few tips that may help.

1. Prepare by doing some on line research. See what the camping area is like. Pick a pretty camping area that’s close to home and not too isolated. Check out temperatures, wildlife, recreational opportunities and any known dangers. If there is any wildlife in the area that could pose a threat, such as a poisonous snake or bear, find out how to identify the animal and what to do if you see one. Most likely, if you camp in a populated area, you will not see any wildlife other than the guys next door.

2. Easy does it. If you are going with seasoned campers, insist your first trip is a very short. I’d recommend an overnight trip for your first experience. If possible pick a camp site within a two hour drive from home. Also, insist that you are not included in any athletic marathon-type actives. Take a hike, but keep it less than 2 miles. If you feel like doing another hike later, select another hike less 2 miles. 2 miles in the woods is much more vinous than 2 miles at the gym.

3. Keep an open mind. You never know how you will feel surrounded by nature. Some people feel like they are born for the first time. Other people struggle with panic attacks and cut their trip short. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable remind yourself this trip will end soon, do some deep breathing and see what you can discover for the rest of your trip. It’s very common with new campers, to experience joy, boredom, fear, and excitement.

4. Pack light but bring a variety of clothes to deal with heat and cold. Be prepared to let vanity go. Pack a swimsuit (even if you hate how you look in it), a warm outfit (like a sweat suit or a fleece outfit), a cool outfit (shorts and a tank top), and comfortable walking shoes.

5. Select and pack other items for comfort and safety. You’ll need a warm sleeping bag and pillow, a portable mat to place under your sleeping bag, drinking water (check with campsite), a working flashlight, toothbrush, personal hygiene products, bug spray or wipes with DEET, and food. Many campgrounds have lists of recommended items to pack. I like to carry a small pocket knife, a first aid kit, dental floss or a small rope, and a small handheld product called a screacher (this is great to use if you get lost in the woods).

6. Pack a few items to occupy your mind. Bring a comfortable chair and something non-electric so you can keep your mind busy. Books, magazines or crossword puzzles are good. It’s also fun to bring an outdoor game, like lawn darts or croquette. Many first time campers are not used to having so much free time and often struggle with boredom, unless their prepared.

7. Don’t take a solo trip. If you are single and want to try camping for the first time, try to connect with a group in your area. Many sporting stores know of well respected camping groups. If possible, always go with an experienced camper.

8. Take care of yourself. If you and your camping party get scared during the night, sleep in the car with the windows slightly cracked, doors locked and your keys in the ignition. That way everyone can get some sleep, but you don’t have to cut your trip short. If you get scared and your friends are not, tell someone you’re sleeping in the car, lock the car doors and crack the windows, but make sure your friends have the car keys so they can come to the car if needed. Most people learn to love sleeping in a tent, but others feel very vulnerable. Sometimes it’s nice to sleep in the car if you don’t feel secure in a tent.

There is nothing like the peace of laying in a tent, and listening to crickets and other wildlife as I drift off to sleep. Tent camping is a wonderful, inexpensive hobby. But, it’s not for everyone. If you like camping but want a comfortable bed at the end of the day, book a reservation at a state or national park. Many of them have affordable rustic cabins or hotel rooms that have great access to nature.

Source by Kate Garvey

Tips for a Successful ISO Audit

An ISO quality management or environmental management system audit can be an uneasy and stressful time for many people in companies today. This article gives 16 common sense tips for a successful audit are based on real world experiences consulting with dozens of companies and auditors over the past two decades. These tips apply to ISO 9001; ISO 13485; ISO 17025; ISO 14001; RC 14001; AS 9100 or TS 16949 audits.

In my consulting practice I have observed people at all levels in an organization getting “uptight” or having “audit anxiety” about an ISO registration or continuing effectiveness (surveillance) audit by their registrar. Proper preparation can help lower the anxiety level. These tips can help you and everyone in your organization be better prepared for the audit.

  1. Know your job, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Know where to find the appropriate procedures, forms and documents; It is o.k. to refer to them to answer questions, do not guess. Be sure all forms and records are up to date and completed properly.
  3. Be sure your work area is clean and clutter free; have files, records and information readily accessible.
  4. Know your quality policy and how it applies to your job.
  5. If you don’t understand a question, ask the auditor to clarify or repeat the question. If a question is still not clear, then ask someone to help you understand it. It could be a question that should be asked of someone else, if so tell the auditor it is not a part of your job and ask him/her to talk to ask else. Do not guess at an answer.
  6. Answer questions honestly, clearly and concisely. Do not keep on talking after you answer the question. Be aware that whatever you tell the auditor may have to be supported by the appropriate documents or records.
  7. Know what is done with a customer complaint (if it applies to your job).
  8. Know what to do with any non-conforming material (if it applies to your job).
  9. Know that we have a corrective action process and who is responsible for it.
  10. If there are regulatory or special requirements for your job, process or product know and be able to explain them (i.e. FDA, FAA, special handling requirements; soldering; sterilization).
  11. Know the quality objective and/or goals that apply to you.
  12. If there are areas of which you are unsure, do not guess, defer to someone else!
  13. DO NOT ARGUE with the auditor. Questions of the auditor are fine, but don’t argue.
  14. Remember, this is not an adversarial situation. Your company is paying the auditor to be there to do his/her job and the auditor is actually a customer. The auditor cannot fine you, send you to jail or get you fired. The auditor is there simply to insure the QMS meets the requirements of the standard.
  15. The auditor will not tell you how to do something, but may say something like “I have seen…..” Listen and learn.
  16. Be positive. We have an effective quality system and are a good company. Talk about our successes as appropriate…just be aware that anything said could require documented evidence.

Source by Davis Woodruff

Ten Tips to Move House Without a Bipolar Episode

There is a stress-meter that lists all the high-stress situations of Western life. At the top is ‘death of a spouse’. Next most stressful is moving house.

People with bipolar disorder usually need to be careful of high-stress situations. While bipolar disorder is not a stress-related illness, when the stress mounts up we may not cope as well as the next person.

I’m moving house at the moment, so I thought I’d share these ten tips for staying well while moving.

1. Plan early if possible. Look for a new place so you get the feel of prices.

2. See your doctor and tell him or her you’re about to move house and ask for any tips or changes to medications.

3. Sort, pack and throw away early. Do a room at a time, packing all the things you won’t need for the next few weeks.

4. Attend to your normal feelings of grief, loss, lost opportunities and expectations. Use CBT or pray your way through. These are normal emotions and do not on their own represent oncoming illness. You can expect these feelings to come in two waves: when you first decide or are told you must move; and then around moving day.

5. Have two ceremonies. The first is a farewell and letting-go ceremony. Christians can use some prayers from the prayer book, or you can write you own ceremony. The second will be a blessing on your new home, and your life in your new neighborhood. You can mark these ceremonies with farewell and housewarming parties too.

6. Act to prevent homelessness. With a friend, brainstorm all the possibilities for your new home and then follow up by investigating locations, prices, and how much space you might have. Go to the local housing service if there is one, and introduce yourself, explaining you’re not homeless but you fear that this is what might happen. That way, if you can’t find a place before the deadline, at least they know you and can help in a timely way.

7. Prepare your children for a new home. Start talking about the need to move house as soon as you know the move is on. But don’t expect them to be enthusiastic! Children experience grief and loss just the same as adults. Matter-of-factly tell them whatever you know is certain. If there is a lot of uncertainty, say if you haven’t decided where to move to, let the children know that, and tell them what options you are considering. Ask for their input. During the time before the move, occasionally ask the children what they are looking forward to, and what they will miss. Point out the good parts that the children may have overlooked, and keep them focussed on the benefits of both the old home and the new one.

8. If you are heartbroken from a relationship breakup, as well as having to move house and having bipolar, do not underestimate the bipolar. Either see your doctor or another professional for counseling and mood-monitoring. Treat your health as paramount, and religiously refrain from speaking or thinking badly about your former partner: this is ancient advice that is primarily good for you.

9. Have a garage or balcony sale to help fund the move and get rid of unwanted things.

10. Keep your body clock ticking by sticking to a routine of bed and getting-up times in the period before and after the move.

I have to get back to the packing as I just finished my garage sale and I have set myself a quota of two tea chests a day. Good luck in your move!

Source by Madeleine Kelly

Top 3 Tips to Deal With a Breakup When Your Heart Feels Broken

Love is such a wonderful thing in this world we live in but sometimes things don’t work out very well for everyone and you have to break up with that special someone because things aren’t working out and you have to move on. Dealing with this process before and after the breakup is very hard for everyone therefore today you will learn some good tips on how to deal with a bad break up after having invested your time in a significant other for so long in your life.

Vent your feelings to your friends and family

Sometimes the best thing to do to get over a breakup is to talk about it with friends and family and use that to help get over the experience. Talk to your friends and family about your troubles since the break up, how you felt, how you still feel currently and simply go from there and ask their advice on things to do next emotionally and how to handle the situation when dating even in the future.

Spend time doing your favorite hobbies and activities

Some good ways to handle your breakup is to spend time doing your favorite hobbies and doing other things you enjoy doing for fun. Focus on your favorite things you mainly like to do and remember why you like doing these things in the first place and immerse yourself in them completely to maximize the experience of coping with your breakup.

Don’t dwell on the past and what you could have done differently

And finally the last tip is to not dwell on the past and don’t focus too much on the breakup itself and the events that led up to it. Of course you can’t completely forget and stop thinking about your previous partner and what you could have done differently to prevent the breakup. But remember to not beat yourself up about it too much and to do your best to move on from the negative experience and try even now to learn from the experience and use this bad experience with your previous partner to figure out what you’ll do differently and essential turn the experience into a positive experience for you to utilize.

That’s essentially the top tips on how to deal with a bad breakup. Life isn’t always easy and simple with positive good outcomes but learning from your mistakes and other peoples mistakes and mishaps is apart of living life and as long as you keep a positive attitude and open mind you’ll feel like you can do anything in the face of any depression and negative state you may be in temporarily after breaking up with a previous loved one. So keep your head up high and try your best next time to make the next loved one work out more and be a better experience upon dating for you both.

Source by Shane McDowell

Smart Tips to Fix Comic Staples With Rust

Do you like reading comic books? If you do, you will find that these books have provided fantastic stories and many characters that still remain until today. In the business side, you will find that these books are also big business that is very promising and might bring many profits.

Regardless those things, for you who have many collections of comic might face some problem in storing comic books. One of them is rusting staples along the binding of the books. For this problem, you will find that it is actually easy to fix. The most important thing is that you are patient. The followings are the easy tips to fix rusting staples that you might find in your comic books.

The foremost thing that you have to do is to wash your hands and dry them out. This is important to do to wipe away oils on your hands that can damage the pages of your comic books. Then you should lay the comic book on a flat clean stable work surface. Make sure that you have enough lighting toward it. After that, you should open the comic book so that you can access the staples.

The next thing that you have to do is to get a clean cloth and lay it over the pages. This is done in order to prevent the pages from scratching. Then, you should place a nail file over the rusting staples and begin to file away the rusting staples. You can do it in long or strokes. Then, you should blow away the rust debris gently.

The last thing that you should do is to remove the staples by using a razor blade. This is done if you do not satisfy with the filing method. To do this, you should loosen the staple by inserting the tip of the blade under the staple’s edges and turn them upward. In this case, you should do it one by one. After the entire staple’s edges are loosen, then you should turn the book over and pull out the staple by insert the blade pin under the staple’s body. Make sure that you do this slowly in order to tear the pages. Then, you should insert the new staples in the same holes. Then, you should use the blunt part of the blade to press down the points of the staples.

Source by Tom F Yates

Tips For Success In Internet Marketing

The internet is very dynamic, and in order to succeed, you need to be well informed and up to date with the various techniques of marketing on the internet.

Indeed, marketing on the internet has changed considerably over the past few years. Nowadays, methods for promoting products or services on the internet require an increasing selection of multimedia features and capabilities, much different and advanced from days past.

So what are the techniques and you must consider incorporating into your internet marketing efforts in order to increase traffic to your website and boost your sales.

· Provide and share expert tips and ideas. Successful internet marketers share various tips and secrets their email lists, or online customers on a regular basis. Some internet marketers offer daily ‘tips’ which they send through an auto responder. These days, having a trusting and confident relationship with your clients and potential customers is very essential. This boosts your sales and increases your internet marketing business profits.

· Publishing e-Books – A very popular approach for generating profits and revenue to publish and promote e-book on the topic related to your business. You can give these out for free with links to your website. On the other hand, the internet is now the major source of information. So you can write and publish e-books on any topic. You can sell these online and earn a lot of money.

· Educational activities – One of the single most important ways to increase your personal knowledge and expertise with any given topic is to get involved somehow with teaching this topic to others. Once developed, separate the materials into small sections for delivery and distribution. There are a number of ways to distribute the materials out to your potential clients. Direct mailings over a period of time, or many successful marketers set the individual segments up into an email marketing auto responder program that sends the messages out to a predetermined list of clients and customers over a prearranged rate. Distributing this information gives you the perfect opportunity to include small “snippets” of promotion for yourself or various products or services which you sale or promote. You will be amazed at how effective this particular technique is.

· Link Exchange Directories – Although not everyone thinks of it, you must sponsor a directory website with open invitations for others to include links, banners and promotional advertisements back to their sites. Beyond including your banners, links, and advertisements sprinkled throughout the page; you gain the added benefit of having reciprocal links exchanged with others in the process.

Developing, marketing, and selling of materials utilizing internet marketing ideas and techniques can be fun and profitable. Finding new, creative, and innovative methods for growing your internet marketing business requires some effort. Because the internet is very dynamic, you must always be well informed about the tools for promoting your internet marketing business.

You must be flexible and keen to explore possibilities and new techniques for your internet marketing business. Have fun trying different promotional strategies for your internet marketing business to see what works best for you and your products.

Source by Jeff Casmer

5 Simple Tips How to Make a Successful Man Chase After You – Show Him You’re a Keeper

If you are an attractive independent women with many dating opportunities how do you get that special man to chase you with all his might and power? If you are worth keeping and not just one of the women he beds, how do you set yourself so he knows you are a keeper? Here are 5 tips:

Make him work for it

If he is a player, rich, handsome and successful he is used to having women do whatever they can to have him. To be a player of successful man an easy catch is no fun at all. Let him ask you three times for a date before you can fit him into your busy schedule. If he does not believe you offer to show him your appointment book and this will have him back off with real respect. If he says he wants to see it, tell him you are not going to date a man that needs to see proof and drop him right away.

Big successful men like to go game fishing. They will pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to catch a Marlin and very few times do they get a hookup but they will go again and again to have the thrill of the catch. If you are going to thrill a man that can have any lady in the room, you have to be that lady that will say no to him three times.

Have some great times

When you have him out on a date and he is very happy to be with you tell him that you want to go exploring with him. Have about ten things that you want to try out and experience in your city and tell him you want to share them with him. When you do these special and romantic things with him, he will come to really love doing great things with you.

He will remember the fun things and you will be part of that memory. You see you want to be on his mind a lot and a lot more than any other women that he knows. Remember women are throwing themselves unashamedly at your man, but many of them have been boring dates. You are the one that has raised the bar for him.

Give him some space

It is vital that you give you man space so ha has plenty of time away from you so he can think about you and miss you. If you move in with him or are always with him, he will never know how much he loves you as he has never had the chance to be apart from you.

You have to prove you are a good part of his life but allow him to be busy and the man he was before he met you. He has to keep his identity but also want to have you as part of his world.

Being busy and un-available to him also makes you hot property to him and so very different to the women that have smothered him in the past.

Show him he is an important part of your life.

If you have wonderful girlfriends be sure to invite him on a night on a night out with them all. Let him see that you are important to him and that your girlfriends can be his friends too and that you are proud of him. If you have people you love at work invite him to staff dinners and staff get togethers. Show him that he is part of your world and a special part of it.

Take as long as you can before you have sex with him

As a Christian I would never have sex with a lady outside of marriage. If you have courage to tell him that you have promised yourself that you are not going to have sex with a man until he marries with you, this will really impress a man who wants you. If you have been out on dates and he has fallen for you a real man will honor this and consider marrying you.

If you think sex is healthy outside of marriage which most people think these days, make it a few months before you have sex with the man. In this way he will know that you are not easy to get and do not give yourself away to just anyone.

Either way is a hand you should play.

I hope this is informative to you.

Source by Matthew Robert Payne