Emotional Mastery: Take Back Control Of How You Feel (The Mastery Series` Book 4)

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Are you in control of how you feel or is controlling your emotions a struggle to you? How we feel right now, in this moment, is determining how we make decisions and ultimately, our destiny. It is the little decisions we make today that will accumulate to create the life we will live tomorrow and later down the line. So many of us try to ignore emotions as if they do not exist, but the truth is our emotions are our life.

In this book, you will learn what it takes to truly become the master of how you feel. Ultimately, it’s not what we think that changes our lives, it’s what we do and everything we do is based on our emotions and how we feel. By the end of this book, you will have not only the knowledge but the strategy and action plan you need to change how you feel at any instant. If you have certain patterns of emotion that limit you like sadness, upset, hurt, loss, disappointment, anger, resentment or stress, you will know how to change it instantly. Not only will you learn to eliminate negative emotions, but you will also know how to create positive emotions that enhance your life on a regular basis; love, passion, happiness, peace, determination, courage. Whatever emotion you want to feel, you can create it now.

Can you imagine how different life could be if you had that kind of control?

A Quick Preview Of What You Will Learn In This Book:

  • What Is Emotion and Why We All Feel It
  • The True Message Behind How We Feel
  • Keys to Mastering Your Emotions
  • 21 Day Emotional Mastery Challenge
  • And Much Much More!

With the best-proven strategies on achievement, this is THE handbook for anyone who is looking to master their emotions and take control of their lives.

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