For the Best

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                                  ~She knows there has to be more to life~
Hanna had a plan to save her mom’s life. Instead she was given a reputation she couldn’t shake, expelled, and living off a dead woman’s credit cards. Once she would have turned to him. Tanner – the boy she fell in love with, the boy who cheats, the boy who does more damage than good. She tells him about her mother’s bucket list, he’ll have to put it together what she plans to do with it.
                                      ~He knows he doesn’t deserve her~
Tanner was on the path to a full-ride scholarship, envied by the guys, taking what he wanted from the girls, but he was on the verge of losing the one that mattered. Hanna- the girl he had loved since childhood, the girl who gave him status, the girl he betrayed to prove something to his friends. He can tell she is leaving, he just can’t let her go.

From their last months of high school to their early twenties this is an overlapping story about trust and betrayal, love and loss, acceptance and forgiving set against a backdrop of beaches, mountains, and the search for a place to belong.