How To Find Your Tribe: The Right People For You

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In an ever changing and exclusive “me” world it is increasingly difficult to find people that would be our permanent group of friends. It is hard to even imagine a squad that won’t change members every so often. But what if you aren’t the type to move out of your comfort zone? What if it is hard for you to make new friends? Are you going to just do things on your own or are you going to suffer in silence around people who don’t really get you? The answer is NEITHER. You have to find a way to be able to gain the kind of friendships that would be lasting and meaningful. You have to find, make and grow your tribe. First you need to figure out what a tribe means in this day and age. The traditional meaning is a group of dwellers who grew up together in the same culture and speak a similar language. But that is not the kind of tribe that we are going to talk about here. You have to expand the meaning of that word and go ahead and identify the kind of people whom you want to have in your life. There are a lot of challenges involved in bringing people into your life. There would be some heartbreak when you have to let people go too. But all the experiences that you would have would give you a solid group of people who would be there willing to grow old with you and share their lives with you. And it would be all worth all the effort you put into it.