It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self and Loving It

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Do you feel as if you’ve been dealt a hand of social misfortune? Do you feel as if you are merely existing and not living? Do you give so much more to others before you give to yourself? It’s time to turn the focus to you and you only.

Understanding who you are is vital to your existence. Too often society suggests that our lives are fulfilled only when we acquire the fairytale lifestyle, but they fail to shed light on the process. It all starts with you.

You can have what you desire, but have you taken the time out to introduce yourself to you and start loving the heck out of you? If not, take a moment to learn from ex-self- hater TiffanyJ and apply her experiences to your life’s journey.

It All Starts With Me” helps you navigate your journey to self-love when you know where you want to end, but don’t know how to begin.