Marriage: How To Rescue Your Marriage: Women’s guide to help improve communication, increase intimacy, solve conflicts, strengthen your connection, be a better wife, and have the perfect marriage

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Push the rewind button and get back to what brought the two of you together in the first place!

Marriage can be a beautiful experience; two people who are best friends, lovers, and companions choosing to spend the rest of their lives together and commit to each other is a special kind of relationship that most of us hope to achieve. However, when you consider that the next 20, 30, or 50 years is going to be spent with this person, it is no wonder that even the best marriage can sometimes be challenging. Knowing how to navigate through the rough patches makes you stronger as a couple. Ignoring problems or trying to work through them in an unhealthy way can damage a marriage beyond repair.

It’s time to enjoy everything about your marriage again!

Whether you are newly married or have been married for 30 years, this book can help you to improve intimacy, strengthen and your bond, and have the marriage you’ve always wanted. This how-to guide is written from a woman’s perspective, but offers strategies, counseling, and techniques that can help both husbands and wives to come together and dramatically improve their marriage.

You don’t need to sit and watch as your marriage deteriorates before your eyes!

At any point in your relationship you can break the cycle of unhappiness and start over. Almost 70% of problems in marriages are never solved. That is almost three quarters of all marital problems! These common disagreements are sometimes called “gridlock” problems. Gridlock problems are issues that never resolve themselves because your conflict management style and the way you communicate is not effective. You end up going through the same cycle over and over again never fully resolving the issue.

You can have the perfect marriage!

This book is not only going to show you how to solve these common gridlock issues, but it will also teach you to build a solid foundation in your marriage. This book is not just geared towards conflict management, it also provides helpful insights into how to continually strive for a better and healthier relationship during the good times too!

Here is a preview of how this book will help rescue your marriage:

– The key elements that every healthy marriage must have

– Common disagreements and how to respond

– How to build trust and how to rebuild it when it has been damaged

– Increase intimacy within your marriage

– Improve communication with your spouse

– How to successfully manage conflicts

This book will improve your marriage, guaranteed or your money back.

Grab this proven “how to” guide today and make a small investment in your marriage that will pay off exponentially within a matter of weeks or even just days!

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