Marriage: How to Save and Rebuild Your Connection, Trust, Communication And Intimacy (Marriage Help, Save Your Marriage, Communication Skills, Marrige Advice)

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Discover How To Save And Rebuild Your Connection, Trust, Communication And Intimacy

This book has actionable steps and strategies on how to save your marriage and build trust, communication and intimacy. “And they lived happily ever after” That sounds like something out of a fairytale but every couple wishes for ‘happily ever afters’ when they are tying the knot (except if one or both of them are serious pessimists or sadists). Sadly however, very few couples get to experience this sweet, fairytale kind of marriage. In fact, divorce rates are at an all time high with fifty percent of marriages consummated resulting in divorce or separations. Don’t let anyone fool you; marriage is tough work, and it takes a lot of determination and willpower to sustain it. Imagine having to live with, and deal with the same person for ten years, fifteen years, thirty years or more. Along the line, you might start to feel more like siblings rather than lovers. Your problems may became as simple as a loss of spark in the relationship where you were once madly in love and suddenly do not feel as crazy in love as you used to be. Then it spirals into other relationship problems like lack of intimacy, lack of connection and lack of trust. If left unchecked, the couple drifts far away from each other and the relationship is damaged and before you know it, you are headed for divorce. The good news is that your marriage doesn’t have to feel like a prison sentence. You can enjoy your marriage. This book will help you do just that by looking at how to bring back the spark, fun, trust and intimacy back into your marriage.

In This Book You’ll Learn…

  • The Cold Hard Truth about Marriage
  • How To Improve Communication
  • How To Rebuild Connection
  • How To Rebuild Trust
  • How To Rebuild Intimacy
  • And much more!

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