Meniere Man And The Astronaut. The Self Help Book For Meniere’s Disease

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No known cure for Meniere’s doesn’t mean you can never get better. You can! In this book the Author explains absolutely everything he did  to make a full recovery and get his life back. Recovery began with a desire to get “back to normal”. He decided that you can’t put a limit on anything in life. What he shares with you now, worked for the 100% recovery he experienced. Valuable self-help information every sufferer of Meniere’s disease can use everyday. Direct-action, simple, practical, effective ways which, when applied, can help you get over Meniere’s too. 
INCLUDES:  Meniere Man’s own self-help notebook: 100 simple ideas that worked to manage and cope with Meniere’s disease and help him recover. 
Look forward to making a recovery: No more bad days. No more Meniere’s brain fog. No more exhaustion. No more lack of energy. No more vertigo attacks. No more wooziness.No more dizziness.No more depression.No more anxiety about Meniere triggers. No more worry about Meniere’s attacks.
Meniere Man maps out his personal battle with Meniere’s, and even more importantly, the exact paths he took to make a recovery, WITHOUT SURGERY OR ANY INVASIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES.

An extraordinary book written about Meniere’s Disease from a personal perspective of suffering, coping and going forwards to make a full recovery spanning nearly two decades. This best seller is recommended by ENT Specialists, Audiologists and medical specialists in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA.

His findings are now widely quoted all over the internet. Aside from writing the series of self-help books on Meniere’s, Meniere Man supports Meniere’s research worldwide. He has published his findings in Meniere support magazines in Europe and Australia; giving talks to Meniere groups; giving one-on-one face-to-face sessions to help sufferers, as well as telephone mentoring support.

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