Positive Thinking, Self Love, Mindfulness for Beginners: 3 Books in 1! Learn to Stay in the Moment, 30 Days of Positive Thoughts, 30 Days of Self Love

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3 books in 1! The Mindset Package! BOOK 1 Self-Love 30-Day Challenge for Positivity, Self-Confidence, and Self Esteem! This book leads you through 4 Powerful Phases of Self-Love: Love the Person You are Today Add Value to the People in Your World Discover the Authentic and Confident You Emerge as the Beautiful Person You’ve Always Been, Deep Inside Book 2 “Mindfulness: Beginners Guide on How to Shut Off Your Brain and Stay in the Moment” is a practical guide on mindfulness that you can use to start using this powerful practice in your life right away. Mindfulness is a valuable skill that can increase your awareness, both of your own self and the world around you. It also can assist you in relieving stress, balancing your emotions, and experiencing better health, happiness, and joy overall. In this simple guide, you will learn exactly how you can start practicing mindfulness right away and use it to increase your quality of life effortlessly. If you are looking to gain more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction out of your life, then this book might just be the perfect one for you. Book 3 Positive Thinking Are you living in constant fear? Are you becoming a pessimist and thought to yourself that this is not how you’d like to run your life? Do you want to experience freedom from pessimism? If you answered “yes”then this book is for you! It’s an unpleasant place to be when someone thinks negatively all the time. When our mind starts thinking about negative thoughts, we realize that those thoughts usually take place in one’s life. If it doesn’t, a person would feel helpless and weak all the time. Don’t wait another minute to access this quick and powerful package for a new mindset, order your copy today!