Purposeful Productivity: A Guide to Goal Planning, Stopping Procrastination and Building Online Businesses.

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From the Author of Amazon Best-Seller The End Of Jobs –

Entrepreneurs and Online Business Owners:
I want to share with you the best productivity system for the 21st Century.

I want to show you how you can take back your clarity, skyrocket your productivity, and build scalable online business systems that actually work.

We all know it can be difficult to get organised, stop procrastination and to stay productive when running your online business as an entrepreneur.

Sometimes we waste hours on tasks that don’t really seem to be getting us anywhere towards our goals.
Sometimes, we even work for months on projects that were never aligned with our goals to begin with…

But those who use systems thinking in their planning don’t have these problems.
I have written this book as a way to show everybody that by using systems thinking, we can reach new levels of productivity, and become experts at getting things done fast.

I’ve incorporated years of experience from building systems as an online entrepreneur.
The most important thing I’ve found is how crucial systems thinking is in the new economy.

I’ve tried my best to do all of the research, take out all of the fluff and irrelevant information, so that you can become the most productive version of yourself, today.

Imagine waking up tomorrow already knowing exactly what needs to be done not only for that day, but for the next 90 days?

You will know what it’s like to be able to link everything you work on with deeper meaning, and to experience greater clarity and focus for every task.

Inside Purposeful Productivity:

Integrated systems principles like Antifragility and Optionality, so that you can be ahead of the game with the right approach to online entrepreneurial thinking.

A step-by-step guide to your own business system plan, balancing above concepts so that you can achieve results with commitment, focus, speed and clarity – while also staying flexible to change and surprises.

Integrated Goal Planning Workbook, so you can stop procrastinating and understand how to build an online business with more meaning and freedom than ever before.

The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Review, so that you can stay on track and recap properly at the end of a week of tasks.

The Entrepreneur’s Daily Ritual, so that you will know how to manage your time like a pro and get used to getting things done fast.

Must-read books list so that you know where to get only the best information out there.

Essential digital tools so you can create real and massive leverage in your workday.

TEMPLATES – for every system covered in the book so that you can get started constructing a system that fits your needs to get you on track, today.

At just 50 pages in length,
I’ve cut the crap and I’m saving your time and mine,
with only the most important information for you to know how to get started.

But the best part about Purposeful Productivity?

It’s free.

That’s right – all of this content, all of these templates, links, tools, advice, examples and explanation will only cost you the calories it takes to click the download button – right now.

Once you decide you’re ready to take your online business to the next level, the option is right here.
Free of drama, free of fluff and best of all – free of cost.

Join the new economy. Exercise your systems thinking today.