Relationships: 13 Happy Secrets to a Happy, Loving Relationship that Lasts (Relationships Books, Relationships Advice, Intimate Relationships,Love & Romance,Relationships and Marriage,Love Seeking)

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your relationship and get the connection you dream of. Healthy and loving relationships are essential to well being and general health. Compelling and strong evidence exists that healthy relationships pave the way for happy and long lives. On the other hand, negative relationships and isolation lead to increased health risks, like obesity, high blood pressure, and unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.

Studies show that Loving Relationships:
•Make you Live Longer: Studies have proven time and time again that positive relationships make you live longer. In fact, committing to someone for your entire life can make you live three years longer, and these benefits are especially poignant for males.

•Help you Handle Stress: A caring lover, and the support they provide mentally and emotionally, can help you combat the harmful results of stress. One study, which tested 100 participants, showed that people were able to recover more quickly from stressful tasks once they were prompted to remember someone they love. On the flip side of this, the participants who got reminded of people that stressed them out had a spike in their blood pressure and a harder time with the study.

•Make you a Healthier Person All Around: According to a study done by a renowned psychologist, students in college who had healthy and strong relationships were far less likely to contract a cold after being exposed to it. A Gallup survey done a few years ago also showed that people who believe that they can count on the people around them experienced deeper satisfaction with their health than those who feel lonely and isolated from others.

Being around people who are a positive influence on you makes you more likely to be a healthy person. People who are not obese are likely to have friends with similar lifestyle choices and habits, because these habits appear across social networks. In a similar way, the person we choose to make our life partner and love in a committed way rubs off on us constantly. It’s important to make sure that that relationship is a good, strong, and healthy one. This book will show you how to make that a reality.

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