SELF HELP: 12 Things You Can Do That Will Drastically Improve Your Life: Self Help Book of 12 Strategies to spirituality, self esteem, and personal growth!

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Andrew Wright Sr provides 12 things that will instantly improve your life through practical life changing actions we all can take on a daily basis. By implementing these 12 strategies and concepts, you will not only change your own life, but others around you will begin to notice a drastic change in your wonderful new character.

If you want to value what matters most – create a legacy today by implementing these 12 strategies into a daily routine. The book is easy to read – quick and to the point! You won’t be disappointed – and you may even be challenged to become a greater and better you.

Create a last impression on those around you – and change your life today!

“If everyone read and implemented these EASY 12 things that Andrew presents in this book, we would have world peace!”

That’s the goal!

Some of the insights with in this book are
– Strategies to improve your self esteem
– Strategies to improve OTHERS around you!
– How to practice GRATITUDE!
– How to bless others with simple acts of random kindness!

Let’s make a difference in our lives and those around us!

The Chellenge? Start today – and implement just ONE of these strategies every month – committing to one each month – and we can make a bigger and stronger world together. You will notice instant changes in your family and your community – and ultimately, our world!