Self Help CBT Therapy Training Course: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Toolbox for Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Sleep Disorders, Addictions and more…

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“You Can Laugh At Negative Thinking, Emotional & Mental Issues — If You Follow This Simple Plan”

Sophisticated, powerful yet layman friendly, literally this form of CBT therapy can be done by adults,children and adolescents alike to fix their emotions and bad thinking habits.

I will not waste your time today, forcing you to read several hundred pages of material unnecessarily — when all that you need to fix yourself can be concisely read and understood in this book in front of you.

Let us begin this journey today–that’s right today, stop procrastinating, stop whining, and begin taking steps towards a better you! No need to be intimidated, CBT is not rocket science and you can finish the book and start tweaking your brain an hour from now.


  • Very accessible and a practical explanation of the complex topic — CBT , so you can implement it right away and fix your life.
  • Modify your way of thinking about yourself and problems that present themselves in life.
  • Gain control of your moods and depressive episodes.
  • Empirically supported approach you can actively do to rewire your brain into becoming happier and healthier –without drugs.
  • Have real tools to deal with break-ups, job stress,illness and other personal problems.
  • This is your light if you’re trapped in a dark place–filled with negativities and depression.
  • A practical way to get rid of bad self-talk and other negativity thinking patterns by replacing them with good ones.

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Self Help CBT Therapy Training Course Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Toolbox for Anger Management Depression Anxiety Ocd Sleep Disorders Addiction