Soul Mates: SELF HELP: Not Just Another Soul Mate Book (Manifesting Love Spiritual Twin Flame Romance) (Personal Transformation Romance Biographies)

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Not Just Another Soul Mate Book I never really believed in soul-mates until I was 34. Previously, I only had deep love connections. That changed when I met my first soul-mate. The experience and energy was almost indescribable… and so powerful that I was devastated when the encounter was short lived. I yearned to have this connection again, but I thought that surely people didn’t have more than one soul-mate. I was 100% wrong, because more soul-mate encounters followed with increased intensity. My first soul-mate had triggered something in me that enabled me to become a magnet for spiritual experiences and other soul-mates. My intention for writing this book is to help others who are searching for clear signs that the universe yields miracles, and also for those who are longing for that kind of a soul connection again…or for the first time! ~~~~~ This is a true tale of meeting six soul-mates in about six years. Get ready for miracles and obvious orchestrations from the universe, disappointments and heartbreak, spiritual discovery, and most importantly, extremely powerful soul connections.