The Divinity Within: A 12-Month Journal: Daily Routines to Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Ayurveda and Yoga

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Who are you? Who do you want to become?

The Divinity Within is a fully illustrated journal of self-discovery and habit transformation.

Life is a sacred journey and often we live in forgetfulness. By nourishing ourselves with the gifts of nature and living our Dharma (purpose), we begin to understand the gifts of the journey. We are here on this planet to remember who we are, by serving humanity and ending separation, releasing judgment and committing to love.

 About The Divinity Within

  • 1. Become aware of how you live your life.
  • 2. Be conscious that there is more to live than normal existence.
  • 3. Really get to know our true selves by keeping track of our daily activities.
  • 4. Bring love, peace, joy, and freedom in our lives.
  • 5. Master your true self.

Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient sister sciences that teach us that our job is to join with the divine creator. We must practice forgiveness, truth, right living,detachment, cleanliness of thought, and create a life based on love, compassion, and live by the laws of nature. By practicing this, we begin to burn our Karma (actions) and reach enlightenment and master the divine within all that is. Remember that the land of spiritual healing lies within each one of us. Knowing yourself would not only aid you in stress management but would also open the gateway to self-healing and healthy living.

This journal is a self-help, which is designed for us to follow our heart so we can gain insights into a greater life. The motivational stories, the mantras, the mudras are for us to go deeper into a greater life in service and love to ourselves, our families, community, our nation, and the planet. We are here on this planet to master ourselves and to make a difference. We can use this journal as a journey to find peace and to walk the path of service, and to love the sacredness of life’s journey. This journal would not only help you materialize your architectural dreams but would also act as a spiritual self-help to reinvent yourself.

When one journals and keeps track of daily activities, our awareness of the divine within begins to expand. It is the best publication to track your success. Journal writing is also a magnificent tool to understand the psychology of our inner child,which is often unheard. Through meditation, prayer, affirmations, mantra, self-observation, and rituals, the divine voice begins to lead and speak to us as it has spoken to many enlightened beings. A disciplined practice of writing in the journal keeps us in true awareness, conscious of how we live our lives. When we do our daily activities on a daily basis we begin to unfold into a greater understanding of who we are. Our journey, our past dreams and visions become clear. This magnifies the hidden creativity inside you. Eventually you start dreaming big and you will notice that you have started living your dreams. We generally use avatars,archetypes and philosophies to embrace divine teaching and the cycles of natural laws of the universe.