The Self Help Addict: Turn An Overdose Of Information Into A Life Of Transformation

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Break free from the self-help cycle and join the world of successful leaders. IN THIS GAME CHANGING BOOK YOU WILL LEARN: – How self doubt, procrastination and indecision create a cycle of self-help addiction – Why people invest in self-help books, courses, events and come out still feeling unaccomplished – How you can make your fears your friend and achieve anything your heart desires – The importance of always taking responsibility for what happens in your life – How much abundance there is in this world and that there is enough money, love and happiness for everyone to have a lifetime supply – How to go from a consumer to a creator – The art of taking action, because without action nothing gets done – How to become accountable so you avoid putting things off – The power of decisiveness and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed – The secret to getting high and staying high (without drugs) – Why you have already won – How the real hero, that you have searched so long and hard for, is you

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