The Seven Habits For Feeling Good – Book One – Life is What You Make It (Volume 1)

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In BOOK ONE – LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT – You’ll learn: •How your mind creates your experience of the world. •How to overcome problems by gaining mastery of your mind. •How to focus on only thoughts that serve you. •How to harness your own inner dialogue instead of being a slave to it. People who practice the teachings in the series often report: •An understanding that their mind is the cause of all their suffering, and how to keep it peaceful. •An insight into the workings of the mind, which empowers the individual to control their life experiences, rather than being at the mercy of what life throws at them. •A permanent increase in satisfaction, peace of mind, and confidence. •An improvement in the quality of relationships and communication skills. •An understanding of where their concept of self comes from, and how to cultivate the helpful personality traits, whilst abandoning the unhelpful ones.