The Upward Spiral Project: Harnessing the power of the spiral for personal growth and evolution

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The spiral is a very common and powerful theme throughout nature. From the humble snail shell to the structure of galaxies it is everywhere. It is also a powerful metaphor for the way we journey through life. As we journey we often revisit the same things, but each time from a new, more expanded perspective. When we experience set back or trauma that causes us to try and backtrack in our lives, we are not only going backwards but also collapsing our horizons and perspective into a more restricted view of life.

The Upward Spiral Project represents a positive choice to take personal responsibility for our lives, harnessing the power of momentum that is inherent in the spiral and using it to create more of the things we want.

Join us on this exploration of how a simple increase in self-awareness and a choice to live more consciously can enable you to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.