There is a Healing in Forgiving: Let Gods energy flow

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•Improve your health
•Regain your peace of mind
•Let God illuminate your life

We all tend to hold onto the hurts of the past. It can feel like you’re carrying a heavy rock. After a while, it just seems to get heavier, but you do not know how to let it go, so you suffer the heavy burden.

If someone tells you to let it down, you will say, “If I let it down, I will have nothing left!” So, you keep carrying this heavy rock until you become so weak and exhausted that it affects your mental and physical health. The weight of unforgiveness can bring down even the strongest men.

What if someone could lighten that load?

How much better would you feel?

In this book, you will discover how to forgive, and the rewards when you do. I will share stories from scripture about forgiveness. Powerful. Real-life accounts of those that struggled with forgiving and what happened when they did. Enlightening.

It is so easy to lose our way in life, forgetting what is important, casting the truth to one side, thinking we know best.

I welcome you to take this journey with me. Let God repay you for all that you have lost. Regain your health and your peace of mind.

Let the spirit of forgiveness…

Illuminate your life.