You can do it too, the 30s meditation for beginners (from stress, depression, anxiety, to success, relief and healing): A self-help book for beginners at meditation to heal from anxiety and stress

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As we go through life, stress, anxiety, or even depression can be great obstacles to success. When stress is too much a part of the day, it is hard to find some relief and shine. But healing, relief and success are possible, through achievement of peace. To let go and take care of yourself is possible, and it can only begin by breathing and taking a break for 30s.

You can start healing from the stress and depression that the every day living can bring, as well as discover how to begin to practice meditation, even if you’ve never tried it before or if this seems too much of a challenge for you.

This simple guide through a short 30s meditation will tell you in detail how to do it, when you can do it, where, and how to do it differently. It is all simple and possible.